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Eco-Favours for your special occasions


Your special occasions deserve to be celebrated in a way that not only brings joy to your guests but also leaves a positive impact on the planet. Our skincare products are a perfect thank you gift for everyone. We craft bar-soaps that are fun, elegant or simple; designed especially for your memorable events.

Why choose our sustainable favours? Here is why:
  • Your vision, our mission brought to life: we customise bar soaps that allow us to create meaningful mementos to perfectly match your event’s theme and vibe
  • Earth-friendly: We use sustainable and reusable materials and practices, from design to beautiful packaging, to minimise our impact on the planet
  • Crafted with Care: We pour passion into every detail, ensuring your favours are as special as your event
How it works:
  • Let’s chat: Reach out, share your event details, and let’s brainstorm together to create something extraordinary
  • Personalised designs: We collaborate with you to design favours that tell your unique story and bring your vision to life
  • Delivered to you: We deliver to you, ready to display at your event and ‘wow’ all your guests
We personalise favours for events of 10 or more guests, for events like bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, birthdays and more.